Redwax SignText

Web extension and native application to allow the secure signing of text using a digital certificate.


Web extension for the Firefox web browser.


Native messaging extension for Linux/Unix.


Use the source, Luke.

firefox add-on

Firefox distributes the webextension through their distribution system. Both the webextension and the native extension below are required for Firefox


Binaries for Redwax SignText are available for various platforms.


Download the latest releases of the Redwax SignText from the distribution directory.


This branch contains the most recent stable releases of Redwax SignText.

Interop / Demo

Try out a demo of a page that allows text signing.

Interop Page

Visit the interop / demo site for a working example of crypto.signText().

Getting Involved

Get the code. Ask questions. Track issues.

Source Control

The source code for Redwax SignText is stored in Bitbucket and mirrored as an SVN repository.

  • Bitbucket: Browse the source code and submit pull requests using git.
  • Subversion: The repository of record is available using subversion.

Issue Tracking

  • Jira: Track issues in the Redwax SignText project.

Mailing Lists

The following mailing lists are available.

Security Issues

Use the following address for contacting us to report security issues with Redwax SignText.

Continuous Integration

Builds are triggered automatically on commit by Jenkins.